The First Personal Blog

Personal Blog

The First Personal Blog

Before personal blogs came along, there was simply no such thing as a personal blog. What was a blog then? Simply, it was a website where anyone could write a small story about whatever topic he or she chose to do so. The first real way to go about blogging was the “blogging community” known as Squidoo.

One of the great things about personal blogs is that they can be a lot more personal than many people think. In fact, when blogging first started out in the early ’00s, the first kind of blogger that appeared was basically the online diary readers. These were people that wanted to write their daily journal on the web to share their thoughts, feelings, and most importantly their innermost thoughts to an interested audience. In those days, people had to actually ask for the opinions of others; and even more, they had to read through the comments that people had posted on those blogs to make sure that what they were reading was what the person had said. Today, many of the people that are into blogging do so because of their own personal experience. And the blogs themselves often provide a sort of inside look at their daily lives.

Personal blogs are not as limited as one may think. There are other categories that personal blogs can fall under, including business blogging, medical blogging, sports blogging, political blogging, travel blogging, dating blogging, parenting blogging, education blogging, fashion blogging, news blogging, and many other types of blogs that people can create and put up online. As more people start to use a computer for everyday tasks, more people are realizing the power of the internet. And now they have the ability to set up a blog that is not only fun and interesting but also provides them with an outlet for their creative juices.