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Modern Art

modern art

Modern Art

Modern art is a general term that is used to describe art that is produced during the late 19th century. This art is often considered to be a reaction against traditional western art and represents the ideas and values of the modern artists. It is often used as a synonym for abstract art and is sometimes also considered an expression of contemporary culture. The modern art that is produced during this time is often characterized by its radical experimental forms.

Modern art contains artistic work produced over the course of roughly the last half of the nineteenth century and refers to the distinctive styles and themes of this art created during that time. The term modern art is often associated with works that are often radical in their methods and content. These works often involve the use of new media, such as painting on canvas, sculptures made from metal, photographic processes, sound and text. Most modern artists used different techniques to make their paintings or sculptures, and were often keen observers of different materials and styles of art. The most common technique used for painting in modern art is the use of oil. Modern art was often produced by artists working with oil, especially in the context of the abstract type of work.

The modern art of this period is often associated with the emergence of many new forms of art including the Impressionists, Futurists and Expressionists. However, the majority of modern art works were commissioned works that were made in order to display in museums and galleries, rather than commissioned artworks that were displayed in the homes of the wealthy. Contemporary art, which is associated with modern art, has a very different style of appearance and is a reaction against the formalist style of paintings and sculpture that were produced during this time. Contemporary art is a style that uses different media to create a more eclectic approach to art and is seen as an alternative to traditional art.